ClearKote Systems - The Future of Metal, Glass & Fiberglass Protection

The Future of Metal, Glass & Fiberglass Protection

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Marine Metals and Glass Protection Warranty

ClearKote Metal Restoration Warranty

  • Clearkote

    ... is warranted by Edison Works, Inc. for as long as the original owner owns the boat. Outriggers are warranted for three years ( tubing parts only - pipe is warranted- lower section and layouts, stiff arms.)

    Clear Glass Marine Glass Restoration Warranty

  • Clear Glass System

    ... is warranted for a period of two years against any salt spots or gel coat runoff. Once done professionally the first time, it is easily redone by the captain or owner, and is available from Edison Works in kit form.
Clearkote can restore anodized aluminum to like new - permanently and will keep new anodized aluminum towers looking like new indefinitely. Maintenance of anodized aluminum coated with Clearkote is dramatically reduced!

ClearKote & Clear Glass systems installed by our professionals or available in kit form.

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